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Grass Concrete Ltd & Grass Concrete International Ltd

Sir Rodney established Grass Concrete Ltd & Grass Concrete International Ltd in the early 1970’s and for over 30 years licensed the patented external surfacing system Grasscrete in over 20 countries. The system is widely used for car parks, fire paths and embankment stabilisation. He sold the companies to the

Wakefield Health Authority

Sir Rodney was a member of the Wakefield Health Authority between 1982 and 1990. He became founder chair of the Bradford Hospitals NHS Trust in 1990. During his time as chair he was elected to become Chair of the NHS Trust Federation in 1993 before retiring from both roles in

Sport England

On becoming chair of Sport England, Sir Rodney inherited the new responsibility for the distribution of £300 million of Lottery funding to sport in addition to the organisations role as ‘overseer’ of sports governance within England.

UK Sport

Following the change of government in 1997, Sir Rodney moved to become chair of UK Sport up until 2002. During his time as chair, the government changed the regulations governing the distribution of Lottery money to enable UK Sport to become a distributor of funds which enabled the organisation to

Wembley Stadium

Sir Rodney was chairman of Wembley Stadium and was responsible for the grant of £120 million by Sport England to the building of the new stadium. He then served as the vice-chairman for five years of the Wembley National Stadium Trust.

World Snooker

Sir Rodney was invited to become chair of World Snooker in 2004 at a time the organisation was facing an uncertain future. When he left in 2009 the company held over £3 million in its reserves.


Sir Rodney was a Vice-Chairman of the NSPCC Full Stop Appeal and was chair of the Sports Steering Group which raised £25 million for the campaign. In 2008 he was elected an Honorary Member of the Society in recognition of his contribution to the charity.

Wakefield Theatre Trust

Sir Rodney is Honorary Life President of the Wakefield Theatre Trust and led the campaign to raise £750,000 to enable the successful re-opening of the Theatre Royal and Opera House Wakefield in 1986. The Trust has now completed its ambitious plan to extend and improve the theatre. The opening of the

Other previous appointments

Sir Rodney was president of the Wakefield Branch of Yorkshire Cancer Research and was President of the £5m Yorkshire Spinal Injuries Appeal. He was Vice President of the Hospital Heartbeat Appeal which raised £3 million for Yorkshire Hospitals.

At the time of his knighthood, he became a member of the Imperial Society of Knights Bachelor.

Sir Rodney served as a Magistrate on the Wakefield bench for eleven years between 1981 and 1992.

ChairmanWakefield Trinity RLFC1986-1993
ChairmanGB Sports Council1994-1996
ChairmanSports England1994-1997
ChairmanManchester Commonwealth Games1998-2000
ChairmanWembley National Stadium2000-2002
ChairmanGoals Soccer Centres Plc2003-2011
ChairmanLeicester City Plc1997-2002
ChairmanRugby Football League1993-2002
ChairmanBrands Hatch Leisure Plc1996-1999
ChairmanDonington Park Estates1999-2005
GovernorSport Aid1990-2006
ChairmanWPBSA & World Snooker2004-2009
ChairmanSpice Plc2002-2008
ChairmanNHS Trust Federation1993-1997
ChairmanBradford Hospitals NHS Trust1990-1996
ChairmanWest Yorkshire Broadcasting1985-2002
PresidentAmateur Athletics Association2006-2011